Let it Ride Poker

How to Play Let it Ride Poker

Let ’em Ride Poker is a fun and simple table game offered by many online casinos.    One pair of 10’s or better is a winning hand. You aren’t competing against any other hand, simply get at least a pair higher than a pair of nines and you win.  letitride

Played with a standard 52 card deck and three betting circles, the usual way to start betting is to place one bet in each of the three circles, after which you will be dealt three cards face up in front of you.  If you don’t like the cards you’ve been dealt,  you may take back the bet in the first circle.  If you like the cards you have been dealt, you may “let it ride”, leaving all three bets in the game, thus increasing the pot.

The dealer then turns over one of the two community cards. If you don’t like your three cards plus the community card, you may take back another bet.  If you like your hand, once again “let it ride”.

The dealer then reveals the second community card, and once again you have a choice of either taking back another bet or letting it ride.

Obviously, if your starting hand has a pair of tens or better, you’ll let it ride through to the conclusion of the hand, since that hand has already won the pot regardless of what the community cards are.  If you aren’t able to make a hand with a pair of tens or better, you lose all bets still on the table.

Some Casinos reverse the method of play, but the result is exactly the same.  Rather than placing all three bets before your hand is dealt, you start off with one bet.  If you like your cards, you add to the pot, rather than “letting it ride” .

Let it Ride Strategy

Let it Ride (or raise the bet) when you have:

  1. A Pair of Tens or Better.
  2. A Three Card Royal Flush.
  3. A Three Card Straight Flush.

Remember that although most hands will be lost, the winning hands hit decent jackpots, so it pays be patient.  Often several hands in a row will be lost.  It’s always a good idea to Set a budget before entering the game and leave if you fall to your preset budget low.


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